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I love all kinds of music.

I’m a paranormal romance / UF book junkie.

I’m a convention addict (going through withdrawals).

I get headaches if I read in the car.

I love lightning storms.

I love to fly.

I love the Red Sox and the Patriots, but I’ve never lived in Boston.

If Florida kicks me out, I’m moving to Sante Fe.

I like to do amateur web design, but I don’t know how read/write code.

I’m a Font-A-Holic.

I only wear make-up for special occasions.

I LOVE to paint my nails.

I’m usually awake til around 3am, no matter what time I have to be up in the morning.

My car is stationary, in desperate need of a new transmission 😦

I’m a twitter-holic.

I HATE iTunes with a crazy, burning passion.

I lost my IPOD a few months ago 😦

I love my Echelon family. Provehito In Altum

I have a slew of brothers and sisters, all over the country.

I puffy heart my daddy, and I miss my mom.

I love vanilla and cinnamon candles burning at the same time.

I read and write (a little) Twilight fanfiction.

I collect penguins.

Shannon Leto is my (not-so-sekrit) lustbuddy.

I would love to go to Ireland.

I want to see a real, live MOOSE.

I’m a happy “child of the 80’s”.

I like to color.


I’m a list-maker. Not always a list-crosser-offer, though.

I’m a procrastinator.

I’m an optimist.

I’m a Pisces.

I shiver when it gets below 80 degrees.

I want to know about YOU 🙂


Posted May 21, 2010 by happytwilighter

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